My emphasis is not on marble and mahogany...’s on your case and aggressively defending you. I come from a family of eleven and I am now married, with three children. I understand the financial stress that people sometimes experience. I promise not to charge you for unnecessary costs. I will tell you up front what my fees will be. I will not charge you a trial fee unless you request that I prepare your case for trial.

Nearly Three Decades Experience

Successfully Helping People From Pensacola to Key West

Handling thousands cases of everything from shoplifting to murder including: Felonies, Misdemeanors, DUI, Traffic, Probation Violations, Juvenile cases, Bond Reductions, ROR, Expungement, Sealing of Records, Driving Permits, Drug Trafficking, Appeals, Sexual Offenses, Crimes of Violence.

“There isn’t a charge that you’re facing that
I won’t defend to the fullest.”

Is Driving Important to You?

DUI & Traffic Violations

The upset of being arrested and jailed for a DUI is just the beginning. You could face jail, fines, mandatory probation, community service, impoundment of your vehicle, driver’s license suspension or revocation.

Act now!

Helping People in Trouble

The criminal justice system can be a confusing and scary place when you’ve been accused of a crime. Where do you turn?

Who Can You Trust?