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Choose Your Attorney with Care

Be Guided by Someone Who Cares

You need accurate information and a straight forward honest evaluation of your case, including the range of possible penalties or punishments. Don’t be overcome by fear when you’ve been accused of a crime. Immediate action may make a difference in getting the best results. This is not a time to rely solely on the advice of friends or relatives.

You Need Someone Who…
  • Uses their nearly three decades of experience to fully, compassionately and aggressively defend you.
  • Is dedicated to getting you the best outcome possible.
  • Provides you with affordable representation.
  • Can save you from unnecessary court appearances.
  • Looks for every defense.
  • Uses every appropriate tactic of negotiation.
  • Interprets the legal language so you can make an informed choice.
  • Stands with you before the judge and helps you answer.
  • Tells you what the prosecution usually agrees to in cases similar to yours, and what the judge has ordered in like situations.
  • Knows the practices, customs and legal staff in our local court system.