DUI & Traffic Violations

Is Driving Important to You?

Act Now! – The State WILL SUSPEND your driving privilege AUTOMATICALLY if you do not request a formal administrative review hearing within 10 days of your arrest!*

Administrative Review Representation included in fee.

*If you refused the breath test or your breath test was above the legal limit.

The upset of being arrested and jailed for a DUI is just the beginning. You could face jail, fines, mandatory probation, community service, impoundment of your vehicle, driver’s license suspension or revocation. You could be financially responsible for investigative costs, court costs, DUI school, alcohol evaluation and treatment, if ordered, before getting your license returned.

Dismissal or Reduction of the Charge

Could your DUI charge be dismissed or reduced to a careless or reckless driving?

What is the Evidence?

The Stop
  • Did the police legally stop you?
  • Were the roadside sobriety tests given fairly?
  • Were you properly advised of your rights before being questioned?
  • Were you properly advised of the consequences of not giving the police a breath sample?
The Breath Test
  • Was the Breathalyzer maintained and certified properly?
  • Did some health or physical condition affect your test result (diabetes, etc.)?
  • Were you recently near any solvents or chemicals that might have raised your breath test score?
  • How long after the stop did you take the breathalyzer?
The Video
  • Did the police take a videotape of you? (Sometimes failure to videotape may be grounds for dismissal of charges.)
  • Do you look sober on tape? Was the police report accurately written and are there internal inconsistencies on important issues? Does the video seem to disagree with the written report?

Why agree to an automatic administrative suspension if an effective defense could get your license back? Administrative Review Representation included.